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And the skipper, he toiled on

In the spring, summer and fall, viewing the weather forecast is equivalent to eating, washing, sleeping and breathing. On the ever better equipped websites, such as Windguru, – finder, and Waddendata, we are kept very conscientiously informed of the biggest storm to the smallest flurry. And when the last trip is sailed and the ships are at their winter spot, the number of visitors to these sites drops dramatically. Because the intense desire to constantly know how hard the wind blows and from which direction has suddenly passed.
Until mid-December … then something starts to itch. She (the ship) really has to be on Terschelling to welcome our winter guests there again; the day after Christmas, completely ready for use and well heated. This year too.
Gradually we become frequent visitors to the weather sites and as Christmas gets closer we become visitors every hour.
It becomes quieter as the month of December expires. Great weather to make the crossing from Harlingen to Terschelling on a mid-winter day. But yes, you cannot be late, but due to all kinds of obligations and work you cannot leave too early.

What will the perfect day be? And it’s not just the wind, the weather! We are also “dismantled”, “disabled”. We are missing a mast because it is being renewed. As a result, the construction of three inseparably connected masts has been transformed into emergency advance solutions. It is incredibly sturdy, but rolling and clapping in waves is not our preference. But as said: it becomes quieter and calmer but also foggy and foggy. Two days before Christmas everything is on board, wind force 1 or 2 and completely covered with fog. Then back home; try again tomorrow. The windguru website indicates that tomorrow morning it will blow 5 to 6 and then it is, gently expressed, “onions !! Eights, nines, tens (read Beaufort). It must therefore be tomorrow morning; left or right, there is no other choice.

Saturday morning: early on board, visibility is moderate but much better than yesterday and the wind is blowing, but not (yet) too much. The flood is running against power. We are going !!! Given the predictions, this morning is our last chance to come to Terschelling, until after Christmas. As the miles slip underneath the ship, it becomes clearer. The wind is increasing but it is manageable. Several times lurking round large black seal eyes look at us en route. As if they ask “hey, where have you been all those weeks”? The ship dog lurks from the deck for its water cousins. About three hours later, with a beautiful winter sun, we moor in the port of West-Terschelling. Installed, tightly tied, electrical wires to shore, we are prepared for anything.

We look at the Windguru once more that day; it turns blue and purple on the screen (the eights, nines and tens). For now we are going nowhere else but on the island, beautiful walks in the shade of the dunes, a terrace, a message, a puddle with a dog.

The guests arrive in a few days, we light the stove, clean the boat and make the beds.
We are ready to welcome our winter guests !!