The Wad and the Wadden Islands

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Discover the beautiful Wadden sea area

The Wadden Sea is easily accessible form Harlingen. One of the most beautiful areas of Europe it offers a unique ecology, with many birds, fish and seals. All the Wadden Islands are accessible to our ships. If you prefer, and the conditions are right, you can spend the night on one of the many sandbanks in the Wadden Sea.

Wadden Sea

A beautiful nature reserve between Friesland and the Wadden Islands. It’s a tidal area, it has tidal flats, currents, shipping routes and rich wildlife. Seals and diverse birds population are hosts there while sailors and tourists are only guests. As of 2009 Wadden Sea is also included in the Unesco World Heritage list. Visitors enjoy observing the wildlife and mudflat walking the most.  It is therefore perfect for sailing trips in the area and to have tidal sailing experience. The Wadden Sea area offers opportunities to fall dry with a our ships in remote places and to enjoy mudflats as nowhere else. Its an unforgettable experience!