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Rules of conduct on board

The instructions of the ship’s crew must be followed at all times.

Please use drinking water (when showering) and electricity sparingly on board.

In all ports, quiet hours must be observed between 10 pm and 8 am.

Smoking is only permitted outside on the deck and cigarettes must be disposed of in the ashtray.

Arrival in Harlingen

Your sailing trip starts in Harlingen. You can find the exact address of your ship here:

Arrival by car:

We advise you to first drive to the ship and unload. After that you can park your car/bus.

An overview of parking options can be found at

Harlingen has a parking location for the brown fleet where you can park for €7.25 per day, but you cannot make reservations here. 

Want to be sure of a parking space? Then reserve a spot at the Harlingen long term car park (formerly known as “Tsjerk Hiddes”)

Arrival by train:

Take the train to Harlingen-Haven, this is the end station of the train from Leeuwarden. Depending on the dock, it is a 1-5 minute walk to the ship

Departure and voyage

“We sail where the wind takes us”. All our ships are traditional sailing vessels and the port of destination is determined by wind direction, wind strength and ebb and flow. Therefore, we advise all our guests not to fixate too much on certain ports of destination in advance, but to discuss these with the skipper on board from day to day in the morning.

The cabins

All cabins are equipped with bunk beds. In the cabin there is a washbasin with mirror and electrical sockets available.

Have you booked a sailing arrangement? Then you will be told which cabin you will be staying in on embarkation.

Bathrooms and showers

All ships are, depending on the size of the ship, equipped with one or more showers and toilets in a communal area.

Drinks on board


The tap water on board all our ships is potable (safe to drink).

You have booked a co-sailing arrangement

Coffee, tea, water and milk are included in your package. Soft drinks, lemonade and alcoholic beverages can be purchased on board at reasonable rates.

You have booked a ship with a group without groceries

In that case, you must bring everything yourself or order online from a supermarket. “Plus” supermarkt Harlingen and “Spar” Tolsma Arum are happy to deliver on board.
The ship is basically “empty” so think of toilet paper, rubbish bags, dish soap, pepper and salt. Most ships have a coffee machine with filters No. 5. Sometimes the filters are present on the ship.


Some ships have a beer tap (Actief, Grootvorst, Bornrif, Oost-Vlieland, Frans Horjus, Noorderlicht, Poolster). You can buy beer keys on board and pay for them on the spot. Some ships have 20 litre barrels, others 30 litre barrels.
Please order the kegs at our office approx. 2 weeks in advance; we will then pass this on to the ship in question. You cannot bring your own beer barrels.

Possible additional costs

Only applicable if your group books a ship, not for customers who booked a sailing arrangement.

For TSC ships, the amount agreed in the contract for final cleaning has to be paid on board.
For SHZH ships, final cleaning is included in the price.

Solving possible problems

If a problem arises during your sailing trip, do not be afraid to talk to the crew about it. This is the only way we can respond immediately and work on solving the problem.
These can be technical problems (e.g. a drain that does not work) or personal problems.
We hope that all the passengers have a nice and enjoyable time on board.

Travel information for your sailing trip

Your sailing trip is about to begin! Below you will find useful information for an optimal preparation of your sailing trip. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon and to diving into the wonderful world of sailing with you.

Should you have any questions in the run-up to the sailing trip, you can reach us at our office using the following contact details: telephone: 31(0) 517 413242 or by e-mail:

The skippers are constantly underway and not always reachable so in general the SHZH office staff is your first contact.

General information

Telephone number for general enquiries: +31(0) 517 413242

It is possible that your ship is not directly at the dock, but in the second or third row next to other ships. You may pass over the other ships to your ship, via the foredeck or in front of the foremost mast.

When you arrive in the harbour early, the ship is probably still being cleaned and prepared for you. In consultation with the skipper, you can perhaps already put your luggage on board.
After, you should definitely visit Harlingen, an old harbour town with beautiful buildings and old harbours.

Packing list: what to bring aboard

Do not bring a suitcase! We strongly recommend that you take a travel bag instead. Travel bags are easier to store and do not take up so much space in the cabins.

Good to know:

  • Boat shoes/shoes with white soles are not necessary.
  • Special sailing clothes are not necessary; a waterproof jacket, however, is very useful.
  • At sea, the outside temperature can be cooler due to the wind, please take this into account when choosing your clothing.

Put these things in your bag:

To make sure that you do not forget anything important, we will help you pack your travel bag:

  • Sturdy shoes (trainers/shoes)
  • Bath slippers/flip flops
  • Clothes for warm and cool days, think of layers you can take off/put on
  • Waterproof jacket & rain trousers
  • Sunglasses, cap or other headgear
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimwear
  • ID card/passport
  • Medicines
  • Chargers for mobile phones etc.

If you have booked a sailing arrangement, towels, bed linen (duvets) and kitchen textiles are provided.

Have you booked a ship with a group? Then  bring the following items with you if you have not ordered them:

  • Sleeping bag / duvet and bedding; a fitted sheet and pillow is always present.
  • Towels
  • Kitchen textiles for washing hands and doing the dishes

Also nice to bring:

  • Board games/card games
  • Football/volleyball/beach tennis
  • Musical instrument

Food & Galley

You have booked a sailing arrangement

Arrangements are fully catered for, including snacks and appetizers, you do not need to bring food or drinks.
Coffee/tea/milk are included in the package price; soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are for sale on board at reasonable prices.
The cook will appreciate some help with cooking, setting the table and washing up.

You have booked a ship with a group

You are responsible for your own food and shopping:

If you have ordered groceries online from a supermarket in Harlingen, please state the address of the port and the name of the ship. In addition to food and drink, don’t forget to bring hygiene items such as toilet paper, kitchen roll, rubbish bags (120l), hand soap and spices. A freezer is not available on all ships. For lunch and dinner we recommend easy to prepare dishes or one-pot meals.

You have ordered a menu and prepare the food yourself:

You do not have to worry about the purchase and delivery of your food and hygiene items (toilet paper, rubbish bags, kitchen rolls and dish soap). You can unpack the groceries yourself so that you can find everything again after it has been put away. Recipes and instructions for preparing the dishes will be provided.

You have booked catering including a cook:

You will be pampered on board and do not have to prepare the food yourself. The chef will appreciate some help with cooking, table setting and washing up.

Galley equipment

The galley is equipped with a fridge, stove, oven, pots, pans, plates, cutlery and all sorts of general kitchen utensils such as spatulas, wooden spoons, etc. Do you cook yourself and do you need specific kitchenware? Then bring it along yourself. Keep in mind, however, that a galley offers fewer possibilities than your own kitchen.

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