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About sailingcharter Grootvorst

The Grootvorst in 1896, initially as a river clipper built up in the thirties she was a sailing cargo ship. In 1985 what happened to her many ships came: she was no longer profitable as a freighter. In the same year, the Grootvorst completely renovated into a luxury passenger sailing vessel. She had three masts with 520 m² of sail and now it is still a beautiful three masted sailing clipper.
Lots of space with deck, from the cockpit, access to the salon. In this cozy sheltered accommodation can sit with a nice view over the water. Downstairs is a comfortable day room and kitchen, fully equipped with catering stove, oven, hot box, dishwasher and beer pump. A large cold storage makes this “kitchen”  a professional kitchen. There is also a large gaz-BBQ, for sunny days.
A stay at the 40 meters long three masted clipper Grootvorst is a combination of sporty sailing a luxury accommodation.

What else is on board:

  • Refrigerator(litres) 5000
  • Freezer
  • Stove and oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Beerinstallation(it is not possible to bring your own beer)
  • Honeymoonsuite
  • Children’s lifejackets
  • Ship’s library and games


Week €8120
Weekend €4080
Weekend with duvets €4480
5 days Su.21:00-Fr.09:00 €5890
5 days Mo.10:00-Fr.16:00 €5265
Daytrip €2110
Daytrip weekend €2785
Extensionday €1360
Eastern €4895
Weekend + 2 days €6800
Weekend + 1 day €5440