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About sailingcharter Grootvorst

The Grootvorst in 1896, initially as a river clipper built up in the thirties she was a sailing cargo ship. In 1985 what happened to her many ships came: she was no longer profitable as a freighter. In the same year, the Grootvorst completely renovated into a luxury passenger sailing vessel. She had three masts with 520 m² of sail and now it is still a beautiful three masted sailing clipper.
Lots of space with deck, from the cockpit, access to the salon. In this cozy sheltered accommodation can sit with a nice view over the water. Downstairs is a comfortable day room and kitchen, fully equipped with catering stove, oven, hot box, dishwasher and beer pump. A large cold storage makes this “kitchen”  a professional kitchen. There is also a large gaz-BBQ, for sunny days.
A stay at the 40 meters long three masted clipper Grootvorst is a combination of sporty sailing a luxury accommodation.

What else is on board:

  • Refrigerator(litres) 5000
  • Freezer
  • Stove and oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Beerinstallation(it is not possible to bring your own beer)
  • Honeymoonsuite
  • Children’s lifejackets
  • Ship’s library and games

Current position Grootvorst

Prices Grootvorst 2022

Week 8850
Weekend 4450
Weekend with duvets 4930
5 days Su.20:00-Fr.16:00 6440
5 days Mo.10:00-Fr.15:00 5760
Daytrip 3080
Extensionday 1480
Eastern 5355
Weekend + 1 day 5950
Weekend + 2 days 7430
Overnight stay   680
Prices includes: crew, fuel, harbour fees, tourist taxes and cleaning costs.

Book directly or more information?

Book your sailing trip directly on the Grootvorst. If you have any questions about the beautiful ship Grootvorst, please feel free to contact us. We, the Historische Zeilvaart are happy to help you organize the perfect sailing trip for you and your family or friends.