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Do we eat together with the crew?

The skipper and mate eat with the group from Monday to Friday. During the weekends and holidays, the crew will take care of themselves, unless you agree otherwise with them.
The skipper of the Oost-Vlieland always eats with you; his private quarters do not have their own kitchen.

Is it possible to park in Harlingen?

There are various guarded and unguarded car parks around the centre of Harlingen. We will send you a map giving the mooring place of your ship. It is always possible to park by the ship for loading/unloading. The crew will then be happy to direct you to the nearest car park.

Are the ships suitable for disabled passengers?

Our ships are not specially adapted for disabled passengers. The authentic build of the ships makes that impossible. However most disabled guests can take part in a trip without any problems. The smaller ships are not suitable for wheelchair users. However, in principle, a wheelchair user is welcome on board at one of our larger ships. Always ask one of our office staff about the possibilities first.

Can more people sail than stated in the price list?

The price list states the maximum permitted number of guests per ship. It is not possible to take more passengers unfortunately. Every ship has a specified capacity for day trips and for longer trips.

Is a sailing trip safe for babies and toddlers?

The SHZH ships meet all safety requirements. Thanks to modern adaptations, such as railings, staircases and comfortable seating, sailing is suitable for all ages. The skipper will of course take into account any babies or children on board. If you are bringing children please inform the office of their weight so they can ensure the correct lifejackets are on board.

Are there also trips for individuals?

The SHZH offers several opportunities for people wishing to sail on their own or for example, with their partner. You will then join a group of guests who have all individually signed up. Would you like more information? Contact our office or take a look here.

Are we expected to help with the sailing?

Sailing an historic sailing ship is always easier with help from the guests on board. Help is especially needed and appreciated for the raising and lowering of the sails. The crew will occasionally request help during the sailing trip, but of course you are not working the whole day. There is enough time left to relax on deck and enjoy your sail.

Can we cook on board?

All the SHZH ships are fitted with complete kitchens. A professional stove, a fridge/freezer and a complete kitchen inventory, it is possible to cook for yourself.
If you prefer it is also possible to hire a caterer. For more information contact our office.

Is it possible to sail without a crew?

The ships of our fleet are only for hire with skipper and mate. They have all the required qualifications and guarantee a safe crossing. You don’t need any sailing experience – the crew will explain everything to you.

How long does the trip to Terschelling take?

The time a trip takes depends on the weather, the wind direction and the tide. Usually the crossing takes between four and six hours. If you need to arrive by a certain time it is, of course, possible to start the motor

How do I avoid seasickness?

Almost no-one experiences seasickness on the Wadden Sea. This is because we are always sailing between sandbanks. Any high waves break over these and result in a calm sea. Should you unfortunately get seasick then stay on deck and concentrate on the horizon. In most cases you will soon feel better.

Can we bring our pet on board?

Unfortunately, no animals are allowed on board the ships. Most animals don’t like the slanting of the ship, the tacking and the sometimes slippery deck.

Are the beds made and are there towels?

All the beds have a mattress with a sheet, and a pillow and pillowcase. You must bring all other linen with you or you can hire them via SHZH. A duvet costs 15 euro per trip.
A set of towels is 8 euros and a kitchen pack (tea towels, hand towels and floor cloths, toilet paper and washing-up liquid) is 15 euros.

What clothing is suitable on board?

We recommend that you cater for every eventuality. Light clothing to sunbathe on deck and warmer clothing for the evenings and colder days. Bring waterproof jackets and trousers to be on the safe side. Wellington boots or other sturdy shoes (preferably with profiled soles) will keep your feet warm and dry.

How comfortable are the ships?

Our historic ships offer every convenience. The ships have 2- and 4-berth cabins, with (bunk) beds. Every cabin has a washbasin and there are showers and toilets. Most of the ships also offer central heating

Can we also walk to Terschelling or Vlieland?

Walking over the sandbanks (“wad walking”) is only possible in the eastern part of the Wadden sea (Ameland and Schiermonnikoog). It is possible to visit these islands on a longer trip. The channels between the mainland and Terschelling and Vlieland are, even at low tide, too deep to allow a crossing on foot.
Beaching and a short walk on a sandbank are possible. This unforgettable experience takes a lot of time – after beaching the ship, it takes 6 to 8 hours before the water has risen enough to continue sailing.

Is it possible to choose the route in advance?

Naturally you can discuss your preferred route and destination with the skipper or with the office staff. However it is never possible to completely plan a route in advance. The tide, the weather and other nautical factors, such as unavailability of a harbour, will sometimes mean that an alternative route must be taken. On the day of departure you can plan a route together with your skipper. Of course we will do our best to make your ideal sailing trip possible.

Does the ship sail in bad weather?

The ships remain in harbour only in extreme bad weather. This is due to the conditions of our insurance. The ships can safely sail up to wind force 7. It is rare for a ship to remain in harbour as the wind is, after all, rarely at wind force 7 or higher for a whole day.