Frans Horjus

fun since ’85


About sailingcharter Frans Horjus

The beautiful clipper has a long history. In 1904 he was built as a proud sailor and sailed the North Sea coast from Belgium over the Dutch waters into the German Bay. In 1950, removed the masts were removed and a powerful engine was built to use the FRANS HORJUS as a freighter.

In the summer of 1997, the new owner began to rebuild the freighter into a beautiful sailor as you can experience it today. From the salon you have a clear view over the sea. The large kitchen offers plenty of cooking facilities and the bright, cozy furniture under deck ensures a relaxed well-being on board. With 12 cozy cabins, the Frans Horjus is the perfect accommodation for groups of all kinds.

What else is on board:

Benches on deck, dinghy, grill, oven, dishwasher, bar with tap, CD- player, beamer, safe.

Current position Frans Horjus

Prices Frans Horjus 2024

Week 8500
Weekend 4090
5 days Su.20:00-Fr.16:00 6040
5 days Mo.10:00-Fr.16:00 5400
Daytrip 2840
Overnight stay 640
Weekend + 1 day 5350
Weekend + 2 days 6730
Cleaning costs 140
Prices includes: crew, fuel, harbour fees and tourist taxes.