Classic Summercruise

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Classic Summer Cruise

What does the Classic Summer Cruise look like?

You embark, on a Monday evening in Harlingen or Den Helder. The skipper will show you your cabin and show you around on board. While enjoying coffee, tea and Frisian delicacies you will get to know the other guests and the crew. Based on the weather forecast and the tides, the route will be planned for the coming days.
After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, at a pre-arranged time, the ship leaves for the Wadden Sea. Ports to sail to are for example Texel, Vlieland and Terschelling. The ship moors there in the cosy harbour towns and you can explore the island by bike or scooter. These are also beautiful walking areas, over the Wadden Sea, through woods and dunes and then end up on a cosy terrace with a view of the Wadden Sea.

Falling dry with the ship on the Wadden Sea is also definitely one of the travel goals; the skipper will choose the right day for this, based on the tide and the weather forecast. What does such a dry fall day look like: the ship leaves the harbour at an agreed time and sails to the future dry fall location. The anchor goes in and now it is waiting for the ebb current to take the sea with it. A wonderful moment to slowly get a view of the seabed and feel the ship sinking on the sand.

The skipper tells you when you can leave the ship and when you should definitely come back on board. And then…walk, stroll and enjoy! When, at the end of your trip, the skyline of your home port comes into view again, you will have the feeling that you have had a long, relaxing holiday. A special journey, to the rhythm of the tide, driven by the wind, in the most beautiful nature reserve of Northern Europe, the Unesco Wadden Sea World Heritage Site.

The galley crew takes care of you all day long with delicious meals and surprising snacks. Fresh and alcoholic drinks are for sale on board.

Our ships comply with the RIVM approved protocols regarding COVID19 written by the BBZ (professional association Bruine Zeilvaart).

Date and price

Monday-evening 26-07-2021, 20.00 uurtill Friday-afternoon 30-07-2021, 16.00 uur

Price the person €. 525,-
The price is inclusive food, duvets, towels and Garantieregeling pakketreizen.
Drinks are for sale on board.