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Day trip dry land walking on UNESCO heritage

Always wanted to fall dry on the mud flats? Watching the water disappear from under the ship is a magical experience. Wander the bottom of the Wadden Sea with a World Heritage guide from the Wadden Association and enjoy tasty meals on UNESCO World Heritage. This breathtakingly beautiful trip is something you must have done.

Tip: this day trip is also ideal for a gift.

The program of dry land and mudflats

Landlubber, please note: a ship sails where the wind takes her. The program below is only an example. The exact program will only be determined on board according to the tide.

You are expected on board at 9 o’clock in the morning. The skipper, sailor and mudflat guide are ready to welcome you with a cup of coffee and some goodies. When everyone is on board, the skipper takes the floor and tells you what the wind is like and what route he will take. Then the ship sails out and you head for the sandbar. Enjoy the sweeping views and salty air.

If the wind is with you, the sailor will put you to work! Help hoist, raise and quarter the sails so the skipper and the sailor can maneuver the ship together through the channels.

Arriving at the sandbar, the anchor is dropped and the dry-running can begin. A tasty lunch is served to enjoy. Then it’s waiting for the sand to reveal itself from beneath the falling seawater… Who will be the first to disembark? The guide will take you on an exploration mudflat walk across the sea floor. What treasures will you find? We bet you didn’t know how many special things are in the sand.

After the wading trip across the mudflats, you can enjoy the weather and share stories on deck. As the water slowly reappears under the boat, dinner will be served. When there is enough water, the ship pulls away from the seabed and you sail back to Harlingen harbor as the sun moves back toward the horizon.

The care

During this trip, you will enjoy full board. All meals and snacks will be provided for you by the cook. Any dietary requirements will of course be taken into account. To enable him/her to conjure great dishes from the galley, he/she will occasionally need your help with the preparation and washing up. Water, tea, coffee and milk are included. Soft drinks, lemonade, beer and wine can be purchased by the glass at reasonable prices.

The common room is equipped with ample seating, books and games. On some ships you will find a sound system and/or musical instrument.

The price also includes final cleaning and insurance from the Package Travel Guarantee Scheme.

Dates and prices 2024

The day trip dry land and mudflat walk lasts from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. The port of departure and arrival for this trip is Harlingen.
Sunday 05 May
Monday 06 May
Tuesday 07 May

Tuesday 04 June
Wednesday 05 June
Wednesday 19 June
Thursday 20 June

Wednesday 03 July
Thursday 04 July
Saturday 20 July : FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 03 August
Saturday 17 August
Sunday 18 August
Saturday 31 August
Sunday 01 September

Prices € 175,-  children up to 12 years € 150,-
Includes food, coffee/tea/water.
Soft and alcoholic drinks are available on board at extra charge.

N.B. You can book these trips with a maximum of 8 people. For more persons you can rent a ship exclusively for your party.

Booking and contact

Do you have questions about dry land and mudflats, sailing or the program? Then feel free to contact us. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions. Do you have general questions about sailing with a historic ship? Then be sure to read our frequently asked queing drinks and stions and traveler information.

To book a trip, more information or a no-obligation option, click on one of the buttons below. Of course you may also call.