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About sailingcharter Bornrif

The Bornrif is a steel North Sea Botter. She was built in 1914 as a yacht, but due to the 1st World War she never sailed as such. Instead she was added to the fishing fleet and fished the waters of the Zuyderzee, the North Sea and around Zeeland. Eventually she was bought, in 1922, by the Visser family from Lage Zwaluwe and remained in their hands until 1978.
Her home harbour was Klundert and she spent most of her life in the Haringvliet fishing for anchovies and sprats. The 1980’s saw used her as a houseboat in Amsterdam, until she was rebuilt in 1988 as a charter ship and restored to her former glory.
The Bornrif has room for 10 people. For longer, overnight trips there are bunks for 10 to 11 people, in three cabins, each with a washbasin, and central heating. There is a separate shower, toilet and spacious kitchen on board. The skipper and mate have their own accommodation.

The Bornrif has excellent sailing qualities. John Beekhuizen, the owner, is a fisherman and as such knows the most beautiful places in the Wadden Sea and the best fishing spots. He will be pleased to show you this beautiful area on board his lovely ship.

What else is on board:

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/microwave
  • Books to read
  • Coffee machine
  • BBQ
  • Beerinstallation
  • Central heating
  • Childen’s lifejackets


Week €2650
Weekend €1385
5 days So.20:00-Fr.15:00 €1855
5 days Mo.10:00-Fr.15:00 €1690
Day trip €635
Day trip Weekend €890
Extension day €460
Easter €1640
Weekend + 2 days €2285
Weekend + 1 day €1830