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Sail along the islands of the Wadden Sea


Sail and hop with us from island to island

Would you like to discover many islands during your holiday? Then the island parade is the perfect sailing trip for you! You will sail on a historic sailing ship together with other sailors, over the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea. We hop from island to island, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature, dunes and beaches. Each island has its own unique landscapes and sights. What could be more delightful than wandering around the Wadden Sea for a (mid)week, feeling the salty sea air through your hair, staring at the horizon in the company of other enthusiastic sailors.

The journey

The sailing trips are planned on several ships. Our ships are comfortable and cosy and perfectly suited for several people together. While sailing you may help with sailing (please), but nothing is obligatory. The sailor and the skipper will be happy to help you with instructions. For five or seven days you will roam the Wadden Sea and hop from island to island. There are numerous activities to do on every island. The skipper can help you find your way around.

The route

On the mud flats we live to the rhythm of the tide and the weather. That is why the exact route of the island hopping is discussed day by day. The skipper will explain the possibilities for the next island on the basis of the weather conditions, tide and wind direction. The programme can look like this:

Day 1: From Harlingen to Texel
Texel is the most western and largest island and you can find almost everything the mainland has to offer. In addition to the extensive beaches and varied natural landscapes, you can undertake a wide range of activities here. A visit to the Ecomare seal sanctuary should not be missed.
Day 2: From Texel to Vlieland
Vlieland is a beautiful idyllic, compact island. On Vlieland you really feel that you are in the middle of nature. What you can certainly do on Vlieland is a ride with the Vliehors express. You ride with a horse and cart over the beach, to the far end of Vlieland. There is an abandoned rescue house with relics that were once fished on the beach. Enjoy the vastness and beautiful views of the island.
Day 3: From Vlieland to Terschelling
Terschelling is probably the most popular island among holidaymakers. There is so much you can do here that you won’t get bored easily. That’s why we will stay on this island for two days. This will give you enough time to explore the island. Take a nice bike ride from West-Terschelling to the tip of Oosterend and walk further through the Boschplaat nature reserve. Or stroll at your leisure through the bustling village streets of the villages West, Midsland or Formerum.
Day 4: Spend on Terschelling
This day you can continue discovering all the natural beauty of Terschelling and its lively character.
Day 5: Sail back to Harlingen.
In the morning you can have a nice walk on the island. Afterwards we will sail back to Harlingen. Here you will set foot on the mainland again in the afternoon after a wonderful midweek full of memories.

Day 5: Terschelling to Ameland
Ameland is a lovely island with a varied range of activities. Nature is extensive and diverse. A beautiful white sandy beach with high dune pans is located on the North Sea side and in the various villages you can visit nice museums and places of interest.
Day 6: Ameland direction Harlingen
On this last day we will sail back to Harlingen. It is a long way to Harlingen, but we take it easy. The icing on the cake is probably going to dry out for another day and night on the way. This is a unique experience, where you see the water pull away from close by and come up again a few hours later. You can stand with your feet on the bottom of the Wadden Sea and discover the most beautiful underwater world. Sailing back via Terschelling is also one of the options.
Day 7: Arrival Harlingen
We wait for the ship to come loose from the bottom of the sea and sail towards Harlingen at our leisure. There we moor and set foot on the mainland again, after an unforgettable adventure!

Eating and Drinking

We prepare the meals together. A crew member goes along to coordinate the stockpiling and preparation of the meals.

Price and dates 2021

Sunday evening 5 September, 20.00 hours till Friday afternoon 10 September, 16.00 hours. Fully booked

Friday evening 27 August, 20.00 hours until Friday afternoon 3 September, 16.00 hours.

Price per person
Midweek: €. 550,-
Week: €. 790,-
Prices include crew, fuel costs, tourist tax, harbour dues, Package Travel Guarantee Scheme, food and drinks.
Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are available on board. Coffee, tea and milk are included.


Our skipper-owners comply with the government’s corona requirements, which apply to their ships.
If you would like more information about this, please call our office staff or send us your questions by e-mail.


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