wadwalking and stay overnight

fun since ’85

After a day full of sun, sea, salt and sand I dream away in my rippling bed.


24 hours on the Waddenzee; a very special experience!!!

24 hours on a beautiful historic ship of the Sailingfleet Historische Zeilvaart.
You will sail, dry out, walk on the Wad, eat and sleep on board during this 24 hour on the Wad.


A day on the Wad where you can sail, dry and walk on a historic sailing ship is already very special. But the environment is also very special. The Wad has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2009. This place the Wad on the same list as, for example, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

How does 24 hours on the Wad look?

Around noon you embark and the ship leaves the port; the sails are set. After a nice sailing trip the anchor goes in front of where the ship is going to dry up. When evening falls, the ship lies on a wide sandbank and you can take a beautiful walk on the mudflats.
When it gets dark the water comes back and after a while the ship floats again. You fall asleep with the sound of rippling water. In the early morning the ship falls dry again and you can relive the mudflats but then at the start of a new day. In the course of the morning the ship comes loose again and you sail back to Harlingen. You won’t find more vacation anywhere!

Dates 2021
Saturday 24 July, 11 a.m. to Sunday 25 July, 11 a.m.: Fully booked
Monday 26 July, 12 noon until Tuesday 27 July, 12 noon: Fully booked
Wednesday 11 August, 12 noon to Thursday 12 August, 12 noon
Tuesday 24 August, 12 noon to Wednesday 25 August, 12 noon

Adult                               €. 180,-
Child up to 12 years   €. 140,-
All meals include food, drinks, package tour guarantee fund and bedding.
Refreshments and alcoholic beverages are available on board at an extra charge.

Do you want more information about a day on the Wad? Then contact us here.
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