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About sailingcharter Confiance

The Sea Tjalk CONFIANCE has been sailing for more than 100 years on the seas and inland waters. The original cargo ship was reconstructed into a traditional sailing ship where people can experience life on a sailing ship.

The CONFIANCE has its home port in Harlingen. Two- three times a year the CONFIANCE makes special trips for bird lovers, so-called bird trips, where every nature and animal lover gets their money’s worth

The owner Jan-Willem is not only a skilled skipper but also a good host. Together with his mate, he does everything to make the stay on board as pleasant as possible for his guests.

The CONFIANCE was completely renovated in 2013/2014 and has received, among other things, a new galley, new cabins and a new day room. You will find large tables and a cozy lounge area to relax.

What else is on board:

Central heating
CD- player
Mp3- player

Current position Confiance


Prices  Confiance 2022

Week 6170
Weekend 3060
5 days Su.20:00-Fr.16:00 4410
5 days Mo.10:00-Fr.16:00 3905
Daytrip 1680
Extensionday 1020
Easter 3700
Weekend + 1 day 4110
Weekend + 2 days 5140
Final cleaning   120
Overnight stay   505
Prices including duvets

Prices includes: crew, fuel, harbour fees and tourist taxes.