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To the inhabited islands Vlieland is the smallest. With something more than 1000 residents, a protected village sight with the old Council House and beautifully situated cottages, you imagine yourself on Vlieland soon in the 18th century. More than 96 bird species populate the island and with a beach of 12 km in length, 300 hectares of deciduous forests, dunes, salt marshes and polders there is for the visitor to see very much beauty of Vlieland. An important National Park are the ‘oude kooi’ (the low-lying decoy surrounded by high dunes), the ‘meeuwenduinen’ (beautiful dunes with lush plant growth), the ‘Kroonspolders’ (the southernmost breeding colony) and the Crown polders which consist of grassland and open water.

No buildings to see; you are just surrounded by the landscape and the sea.

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