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Working weeks and school trips are the ideal opening or closing of a school year. Make your pupils during a sailing trip with each other they know each other better knowledge or learning. Do is experience!

For the conviviality or in the character of an educational project week: we have years of experience with organizing unforgettable school trips and work weeks on IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea.

If you have a program for yourself during the schooltrip? The skipper keeps the utmost dates of the weather during  the sailing. On the base of an up-to-date weather forecast and the tide table the skipper plans together with the group the sailingtrip.

All  the workweeks and schooltrips starts with boarding. The cabins are divided and  the skipper informs you and your students about the rules  on board and in the harbours and about the sailing during the schooltrip. During the school trips or workingweeks on one of our historic sailing ships, iit’s the intention that every student actively participate in sailing.