Traveling alone

fun since ’85


A sailing trip on a historic sailingship of SHZH is an experience. If you want to enjoy one of our fantastic sailing trips on the IJsselmeer or Waddenzee individually, a week, midweek or weekend on the water brings out the best in you.

Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with the whole family, everything is possible. Our professional crew accompanies the sailingtrips, sailing experience is not necessary.

Life and travel with the wind, which is sailing on historic sailing ships.
Actively help with sailing and navigating, lounging on the deck, walking around the ship when she is beached and play on a sandbank,  collect the food from the Wadden Sea, visiting islands, cycling, swimming, hiking and above all enjoy our world, the Wadden Sea.

For everyone there is a journey, our program will tell you more.
We are happy to offer you!