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The events on the Wadden Islands have increased considerably in recent years. Like the Fjoertour, the Oerolfestival, Into the Great Wide Open, the Berenloop, the lighthouse run.


We offer the perfect solution: you reserve a sailing ship with crew for your group with us. All in one: you have nice and cozy accommodation, with cabins, toilets, showers, a day room and a well-equipped kitchen and you have your own sailing ferry. And the price? Suppose you are with 12 people and you want to spend a weekend on the islands and visit a festival or event: our 12-person ship costs € 1,515 from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. That means that you have accommodation and crossing for € 126 per person for a wonderful and special weekend.

Event and festivals 2019/2020

Fjoertour Terschelling 3 to 5 April 2020

The Fjoertour leads you through the beautiful nature of the island, through the polders, forests, dunes and of course over the beach. On the way, Eilander artists create surprising fire and light effects, which point the right course in the darkness for the walkers.

Vuurtorenloop Vlieland 18 to 19 april 2020

The “Lighthouse Walk” is primarily an experience tour, full of (nocturnal) atmosphere and surprise. It is certainly not a performance walk, we are not in a hurry! Along the way there is everything to see, experience and taste. Vlieland is one of the darkest places in the Netherlands. Listen to the sounds of the night in nature in Vlieland. Be surprised by the many fire and light elements on the route, admire the dark and enjoy a snack and a drink during a leisurely walk for night adventure.

Oerolfestival Terschelling 15 to 23 June 2019

Oerol is an annual cultural festival in June, which is held on the island of Terschelling. This festival was founded in 1981 and in the meantime Oerol has grown into one of the largest location theater festivals in Europe. The Oerol Festival is programmed at the beginning of the summer, when the island is completely green. With around 50,000 visitors every year who come to enjoy performances by a large number of Dutch and foreign theater groups, musicians, work by visual artists and other (stage) artists. The festival lasts ten days.

Into the Great Wide Open Vlieland 30 August to 1 September 2019

Into The Great Wide Open is a three-day pop festival on Vlieland that, in addition to music, also pays attention to the visual arts, film and nature.

De Berenloop Terschelling 2 – 3 November 2019

The Berenloop has grown over the years into one of the largest athletics events in the Northern Netherlands. This is not only due to the beautiful trail that leads through the beautiful and varied nature of Terschelling, but also because of the fantastic atmosphere that prevails on the island during the Berenloop weekend.


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