Sailing trip to Terschelling

To see and do on Terschelling

West-Terschelling, lying on the west point of the island, with the well-known lighthouse ‘de Brandaris’ and Central sign post for the ships on the Wad and North Sea, is a cosy village with many restaurants, shops and bars. The beautiful port of West is the mooring spot for the historic sailing fleet.

Dune, forest and beach walks, cycling, horse riding, swimming, it all belongs to the possibilities on Terschelling.

Known are the real Terschelling’s products such as ‘ Pound Cake ‘, the ‘ Potjekoek ‘ the ‘ cognac ‘ and the ‘ cranberry’ products. The countless pubs including ‘ the Groene Weide’ in Hoorn of the famous singer Hessel, offers the visitor enough possibilities also in the evening to relax.

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