Photography Workshop

fun since ’85

The Wad, an amazing treasureroom for the photographer!


We organize a workshopweekend photography  on-board the Bonte Piet

Its not a secret that “the old masters paintings”  are so loved because of the beautiful Dutch light caused by the reflection of the sea.

How can you benefit from this?

What is the best way to photograph the so photogenic Wad?

How do you handle this one moment?

How do you make your photo the most unique photo?

Professional photographer Joop van Putten has been giving photography workshops on the Wad for many years on-board the sailing ship Bonte Piet. Together with his team, he will teach you the intricacies of photography so that your photo will be breathtaking from now on.

Friday 21-06-2019, 20.00 hrs –  Sunday 23-06-2019, 17.00 hrs

On-board sailingship Bonte Piet.
Price p.p. €. 295,= incl. the photoworkshop and food.

Our rates include crew, harbor fees, local tax, full board and exclude soft and alcoholic drinks