New Year’s Cruise 2021-2022

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Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022!



The Historische Zeilvaart Harlingen has been organizing the New Year’s Cruises for many years. This year, 2021, the Cruise will take place on board the beautiful two-mast clipper Actief.
The experienced crew of the Actief organizes unforgettable trips on the Wadden and to the Wadden Islands for many years.


You embark on Wednesday evening, December 29, 2021, aboard the Actief in the port of the beautiful city of Harlingen. You get your own cabin.
While enjoying a welcome drink and delicious snacks, you will meet the other guests and the crew. The skipper explains the ship and the voyage for the coming days, based on the current weather report and the tide. In the evening you can, if you wish, take a look at the old historic fishingtown Harlingen.

The following morning, Thursday 30 December, after a hearty breakfast, the ship leaves the port of Harlingen. The mate will be happy to explain sailing to you.
The tour goes through channels, along sandbanks with resting seals to the beautiful island of Vlieland. An extensive lunch will be served along the way. In the course of the afternoon the ship moors in the port of Vlieland and you can visit the island with its beautiful dune landscapes, beaches and the idyllic village of Oost-Vlieland.
Back on board: drink time with delicious snacks, a three-course dinner and a chat with coffee.

Friday, December 31, at a pre-arranged time, the Actief leaves for West-Terschelling. The trip goes through the trench between Vlieland and Terschelling, the Vliestroom, along the Richel and the Grounds of Stortemelk. In the afternoon you will moor in the port of West-Terschelling.
The galley crew will look after you all day long and the last day of 2021 will end with a delicious dinner.
Say goodbye to the old year and greet the new year in the harbor of West-Terschelling. As soon as it is twelve o’clock, the ship’s horns and the champagne corks pop; all this under the eternally burning light of the Brandaris.
On Saterday January 1, 2022, the ship will depart towards the mainland in the course of the morning; a beautiful sailing trip ahead.
When the skyline of Harlingen comes into view, you have the feeling that you have had a long, relaxing holiday


Wednesday evening 29-12-2021, 8 p.m.: embark aboard the Actief in the port of Harlingen
Thursday 30-12-2021: Departure Harlingen to Vlieland
Arrival at Vlieland around 3 p.m.
From 6 p.m. drink time and dinner

Friday 31-12-2021: Departure from Vlieland to Terschelling
Arrival at West Terschelling around noon
Drinks, dinner and closing the New Year from 6 pm
0.00 am: spectacular New Year’s Eve in the port of West-Terschelling

Saterday 01-01-2022: the ship leaves the port of West-Terschelling on the way to Harlingen at a time agreed in advance. Around 4 p.m. the ship will moor again in the port of Harlingen.

Sailing around old and new is an experience in itself. A journey across the Wadden Sea, to the rhythm of the tide and the weather, in the most beautiful nature reserve of Northern Europe, the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea.
The program is aimed at, but sometimes nature is forced and the cruise looks very different. Remains that you will make a wonderful journey in a special ambiance, with excellent care.


€. 475,-
The price includes full board, tourist tax, Package Travel Guarantee Scheme and excluding soft and alcoholic drinks.