IJsselmeer and her ports

Makkum, Workum, Stavoren, Hindeloopen

What to do in Makkum, Workum, Stavoren en Hindeloopen


Along the Frisian coast is the only resort with truly natural sandy beach. There is a wide beach with a real boulevard with associated hoiliday houses and flats For surfers, kiters and sunbathers beautiful location with a camping and seaside hotel
In Makkum you can find the famous Makkumer Tile and Pottery of the Tichelaar family, which can be, by appointment, visited.


This little town lies in the southwest corner of Friesland and is one of the oldest towns of the province Friesland
You can visit the home and workshop of the famous painter Jopie Huisman.


Stavoren, Friesland's oldest town, Hanseatic city one of the Frisian Eleven cities is located on the IJsselmeer and has a direct connection to the Frisian Lakes. This makes Stavoren an ideal place for watersports.


Hindeloopen is a beautiful old town with wooden bridges over small canals. Striking are the nice old houses, the drawbridge with the lock cottage and "lie bench" where fishermen used to tell stories about their adventures at sea. Hindelooper men were sailors who sailed  a lot  to Scandinavia. The Hindelooper paintwork is probably influenced by Scandinavian decorations.