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About sailingcharter Minerva

This elegant lady launched in 1878 from one of the many yards on the Kinderdijk (on the river Lek). She was built as a Stevenaak, a freight ship with outstanding sail characteristics, especially in a headwind.

As well as facing all the usual hazards as a freight ship, she managed, unlike many of her peers, to avoid the breakers yard when times got hard. In 1994 a major restoration was started, and two years later she began her second youth as sailing ship.

Every year she, and her skilled crew, provide many people with a fantastic time on the water.

What else is on board:

Refrigerator (387 liter)
Freezer (69 liter)

Current Position Minerva

Prices Minerva 2022

Week 6790
Weekend 3350
5 days Su.20:00-Fr.15:00 4830
5 days Mo.10:00-Fr.15.00 4280
Daytrip 2240
Extensionday 1120
Easter 4015
Weekend + 1 day 4460
Weekend + 2 days 5590
Prices includes: crew, fuel, harbour fees, tourist taxes and cleaning costs.