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About sailingcharter Klipper Anna

Sailing with the KLIPPER ANNA means active, natural and nautical adventure. The ANNA is a friendly ship with simple but cozy comfort. The occupancy of 28 people is well suited for youth groups. When sailing with an adult groups we recommend the occupancy of max. 24 people. The beds in the rear 4 person cabins are French beds with 120 cm width. Clipper Anna has 4 cabins for 2 persons, 3 cabins for 4 persons and 2 cabins for 2 to 4 persons.

In addition to the 28 berths there is a fully equipped kitchen, a maritime cozy lounge and a cabin where some space can be found. When it’s cold or wet outside, central heating is a pleasure. On deck, the experienced skipper Ray inspires everyone to work on the sails and together he safely sails to the next port. The crew (and if necessary also a cook), the friendly atmosphere, the safety as well as the sailing qualities ensure a relaxing stay on board with a lot of pleasure in sailing experience.

Current position Klipper Anna

Prices klipper Anna 2022

Week 6560
Weekend 3255
5 days Su.21:00-Fr.16:00 4725
5 days Mo.10:00-Fr.16.00 4275
Daytrip  1680
Extensionday 1020
Easter 3730
Weekend + 1 day 4140
Weekend + 2 days 5230
Cleaning costs    110
overnight stay    450
Prices includes: crew, fuel, harbour fees and tourist taxes.