Getting married on board

fun since ’85


Do you want to turn your wedding into something really special?
Then you have to get married on the Wad !!!

Imagine: you embark with your family and friends on one of our ships and sail out of the harbor on your way to your wedding location, a sandbar in the middle of the Wadden Sea. Once there, the anchor goes in and you wait for the seabed to appear. A small boat is approaching in the distance; the civil service official is on board. All invited guests gather on the Wadden Sea and with your feet in the sand you say yes to each other. The sun shines in the champagne glasses when they toast and the wind and seagulls shout. The civil servant leaves with the boat again and when the water returns you sail back to Harlingen, on the way to a happy life together.

We are happy to help, from start to finish, to make your wedding THE wedding.


pictures: Simon Wolf,