Family outing or get away with friends beaching and wadwalking

fun since ’85

Do you have something to celebrate? Or do you want to do something fun and special with family and / or friends? We have a special package for you, large and small, something for everyone.



For several years the Historical Zeilvaart Harlingen is organizing tidal trips on the Wadden Sea. Its a great success and a very special experience.
Our sailing ships, whose home port Harlingen, built for cruising on tidal waters. The Wadden Sea, with its constant cycle of tide, has been for many years our home for sailing and beaching.

1 day

In the morning, at around 9.30am the ship wil sail out towards a beautiful sandbank in the Wadden Sea. Once there,the anchor drops and the water slowly dissapears with the ebbstream/low tide. Than you can leave the ship and make an awesome hike on the bottom of the Waddensea. After a few hours the flow/high tide brings the water back and let the boat drift again. The sails are put and the ship starts sailing back to Harlingen, where she arrives at 19.00 hrs.

24 Hours

An unique package!

In 24 hours you will explore all aspects of the Wadden Sea . Sailing, beaching and a stay overnight on the Wadden Sea.

You can embark, in the beautiful old harbor of Harlingen,  on one of our sailingvessels. The skipper and mate will wish you a warm welcome and after you are installed in your cabin, the Skipper will explain the ins and out of the sailing and life aboard a tall classic ship.

The sailingvessel sails from the port to a beautiful spot for beaching. After a beautiful sail, the anchor is put down at the place where the ship will beach. On a beautiful summer evening you can walk on the sandbank and you can make a nice walk on the bottom of the Wadden Sea.

Sunset and sunrise, you can watch the sun leaves and comes back.
When its getting dark and the water returns, after a while the ship floats again. With the sound of rippling water you will fall asleep. In the early morning the ship beaches again and you can experience the Wad again on an early summer morning.

In the morning the ship will come loose again and sails back to Harlingen.

Prices 2022

Daytrip (10-11 hours)

Monday- Thursday

from € 90,- p.p. excl.  the food
from € 140,- p.p. incl. the food


from € 110,- p.p. excl. the food
from€ 160,- p.p. incl. the food

24 Hours

Monday- Thursday

from € 125,- p.p. excl. the food
from € 175,- p.p. incl.  the food


from € 140,- p.p. excl. the food
from € 190,- p.p. incl.  the food

Our rates include crew, harbor fees, local tax, fuel and finalcleaning

This program is possible with a group of with at least 10 people.