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the Brandarisrace 2020

Hoist to the ropes, sailing out during the Brandarisrace, is for fast sailing. As one of the last tours in the season seventy ships race under full sail, from Harlingen to Terschelling and have a fight with each for the first place .

Friday evening, the skipper will inform you about the tactics for the game/race and there will be explanations about the sailing.
Saturday will be an active sailing day. You don’t need experience as a sailor, you will be informed exactly what you need to do.

You can imagine how the atmosphere is the evening and the night in Harlingen befor the start. And after the Regatta on Terschelling. And now hope your ship is going to win……………

The Brandarisrace will take place on board sailingvessel Frans Horjus. 
Embarking: Friday 16-10-2020 – disembarking Sunday 19-10-2020  in the harbour of Harlingen-Holland
Price adult: €. 170,=
Price child (till 12 year): €. 130,=
On board you pay cash €. 65,= the person for the food, Touristtax, harbourfees and cleaningcosts.