Current information season 2020

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Current information season 2020

April 7, 2020: More than three weeks ago, the first effects of the COVID-19 virus became visible in the Netherlands. It has now become clear to everyone what the scale and scale of this crisis is. Events have been canceled and catering and schools are closed until at least April 28. The SHZH ships may continue to sail for the time being! At this time, there are no travel bans or travel restrictions for the area in which we operate. Our guests spend most of the day in the open air. In combination with a higher degree of hygiene on board, the risks of contamination on our ship can be minimized. Although we can also imagine that it may be too big a step for you to come sailing, we understand that.

Our focus now is mainly on the future and the survival of our organization and the ships. We expect to be able to fully sail again in the coming months, at least after 1 June! Until then, we will use our time well and ensure that our ships are cared for down to the last detail, are tightly painted and equipped with all hygiene measures on board. So we can welcome you in one of our ships in a few months (and for those who come sooner!)!


21 April 2020: In relation with the Corona developments we have come to the point that we are looking at our product with a different pair of glasses. The fact that new and beautiful ideas can arise gives us a positive vibe for the rest of the summer. Because in addition to the sailing trips and packages that we offer, we are now also going to rent out our ships as holiday homes / boats!

Come a weekend, midweek or full week aboard one of our historic sailing ships. The boat is moored in the harbour of the historic port of Harlingen. You can rent the boat as private accommodation or together with a few other families.

-Family with kids (big or small)
-Small groups (family, friends, colleagues)
-Holiday house on the water
-Provision of all facilities
-Coverage from budget to all-inclusive
-Unique excursions

Examples of excursions

-Drying out on the mudflats
-Visit a wadden island
-Trip to the Kazemattenmuseum in Kornwerderzand
-Trip to the Planetarium in Franeker
-Trip to Leeuwarden for shopping or museum visits.
-In Harlingen and surroundings.

There are plenty of options! And all that with your own mobile home. With the use of building blocks you compose your own custom holiday. How fun and special is that!

Keep a close eye on our website, because we will put more information on it quickly!