Tidal Trip Beaching and Wadwalking

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The soft breeze, the warm sun and the salty air  floats me to my destiny.


A day out with the family or with colleagues, with our so-called flat-bottomed ships and the Wad in front of our front door, we are specialized in drying out on the Wad. A day full of adventure together with the skipper and the sailor. During this day trip you can enjoy the beautiful ship, but also the special environment; the Wadden area. The Wadden Sea is one of the largest tidal regions in the world. The Wadden Sea is unique. The world changes at least twice a day. At one moment, you find an expanse of mud flats, kilometers-long. The next moment, everything is under water.

Wads walking and beaching on World Heritage

The Wadden Sea, with its constant ebb and flow cycle, has been our dry zone for many years. The Wadden Sea area has been a World Heritage Site since 2009. Because of this UNESCO status, the Wadden are now in the same row as other beautiful nature reserves such as the Grand Canyon in America and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The wadden region is therefore a unique place for walking!

What does a day trip look like during mudflat walking and beaching?

The skipper looks for the most beautiful place to beach during a day trip on tidal flats and mudflat walking. You can discover the bottom of the sea while the cook stirs the pans and steals hunger. You must have done tidal walking and beaching; this is so breathtakingly beautiful!

A day of sailing, seeing the water disappear, walking on the seabed, seeing the water come back around bubbling time, dining with 30 centimeters of water under the ship and sailing back to Harlingen. Wading and falling dry with a historical sailingship is a unique experience in the beautiful surroundings of Harlingen and the Wadden area. Do you have any questions about this day trip? You can always contact us. We can tell you everything about beaching the mudflats and the wadwalking.

Available data for mudflat walking and beaching

The tidal trip starts and ends in Harlingen, a beautiful seaport situated directly on the Wadden Sea. The following data are available:

Dates in 2020

Time: from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m

Saturday 18-07-2020
Saturday 01-08-2020
Sunday 02-08-2020
Sunday 16-08-2020
Monday 17-08-2020
Tuesday 18-08-2020
Sunday 30-08-2020
Monday 31-08-2020
Tuesday 15-09-2020
Wednesday 16-09-2020


Price p.p. € 98,-
Child up to 12 year € 68,-

The price includes  full board (lunch, dinner, coffee and tea)
Soft and alcoholic drinks are available on board and have to be paid at the end of the trip.

Maximum group size to sign up: 8 people

In addition to a day trip, you can also opt for 24 hours of mudflat walking and beaching. 24 hours on the Wad means sailing, beaching, walking, eating and sleeping on the Wad! Look here for more information and available dates for a 24-hour beaching on the mudflats and walking on the bottom of the Waddensea and contact us.