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Christmas Gift for Your Relations

Looking for alternative and original idea for a Christmas gift? and a Christmas gift that you parrots .....

Special Christmas day trip price:

Adults €. 75,=
Children (t / m 12 years) €. 45 =
The price includes full board (lunch and dinner, coffee / tea).

Christmas day special price on the Wad, 24 hours:

Adults €. 150 =
Children (t / m 12 years) €. 110 =
The price includes full board (lunch / dinner / breakfast, coffee / tea) and duvet
Soft and alcoholic drinks are available on board and are to be paid after the trek/tidal trip.

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Price: € 75,-

Christmasprice, tidaltrip Date:

Time: 09.00-19.00 hrs


Christmasprice, 24 hours    

Give as a Christmas Tidal trip gift!